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Summer 2013 Season thus far...

Among all those new series that has begun airing, a few has already proved to be interesting, in terms of its plot and animation designs.

What came as the more significant series this season was Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou.

similarity wise, this series gave a feel of Madoka Magica, i mean seriously, after seeing how their 1st episode went. The difference this time around was that this series didn't quite take its time to visit the true plot of the series as compared to Madoka, which took around 3 episodes to bring out the true plot. Not that I was surprised to see this development, but more of I was already expecting this. Furthermore from the OP, I could see that this series does have a rather distinct plot as compared to the others this season. Magic powers coupled with the link to Tarot cards, this series can become one mysterious one if it wanted to be. Based on the number of Tarot cards available, I wouldn't be surprised if more characters were to show up with their individual cards, where the main 4 already utilises the Sun, the Moon, the Star and the Temperance. Really admire the way they show the emotions for each of the character, especially when Akari breaks down after being reminded by her actions that killed her cousin. It does seem to have a simple plot on the surface but who knows, we could be expecting more. Oh and also not forgetting the OP is sung by LiSa :) a rather amazing song too!

This series is an original series not based on any previous works which automatically piques my interest, after all I'm a fan of original series. Most of them do turn out to be great, well... most of them. Hopefully this turns out just as good! :)

Danganronpa the Animation could be the series of the season too, with its blood-filled mystery and a rather interesting drawing style that adds to the mysterious feel of the series. Even the blood this time round is now shown as its proper colour, as compared to Taiyou's. Purple and pink it would seem to be.

Similarly, this series didn't take its time to create the 1st murder case, and within the 2nd episode, one has already fell victim to the horrifying game that was created for the Super High School students. What I didn't expect was for Sayaka Maizono to be the first victim of the game. Initially when it was shown that she was stabbed and was covered in blood, what came across my mind was that it was a fake death and had been set up to make the others think that Naegi was the killer while trying to test the system. It was until later where the facts did all point to her death and makes me surprised since I was kinda expecting her to stay on the game for quite long. After all her interactions with Naegi and almost becoming his love interest, it was pretty fast and weird to kill her off so soon yea.

Leaving that aside, the plot has already starting rolling and the students have to now participate in a class trial where failure to identify the killer will result in everyone being killed which also brings to the next point that this time, the killer will surely be identified since it's only the 3rd episode and it would be kinda awkward if the other characters were to be killed off. What interests me now is the way they will possibly explain Maizono's death, which I can't quite exactly picture it out, other than she is most probably in a struggle with the killer and finally succumb to him/her. Can't wait for the truth to be out! :)

not forgetting the suited up heroes of Gatchaman Crowds, where instead of Kamen Rider, we have a remake of an old series, where the protagonists are now Gatchamans! Furthermore, this is one of the few series that actually has a female as a main protagonist so we'll see how this goes.

The first person that reminded me when I saw the main heroine, was Valvrave's Shouko. Leaving the similarity of the character design aside, it was the personality that reminded me of Shouko. Always so hyped up, being excited over little things and being extremely enthusiastic, this is one unique female character we have here. As a remake, this series does have some particularly unique animation design as well. Not only does the characters stand out, but also in terms of their Gatchaman forms and monsters they are fighting, which seems more of an abstract art kinda thing, which I really like. Kinda rare to see this genre of series being aired, the previous which was Tiger and Bunny if I'm not wrong, so I'm actually getting excited for this series as well.

Kami Nomi - Megami-hen has finally begun to air! Really appreciate the fact that it does not cover the rest of the heroines and jumped straight into the Goddess arc, which IMO, is the main crux of the series thus far. Seeing how the manga has progressed from the Goddess arc, this would be one interesting series to follow and to see the scenes being animated from the manga itself.

Another sequel that is being aired in the same season is the Monogatari series which now focuses more on each heroines' stories and their interactions with the oddities. As a SHAFT anime, the way they animate the series still retains the uniqueness of Bakemonogatari which is a good thing to be retained, or it wouldn't be called a monogatari series if it had changed. Still awaiting our dear Araragi to appear, while in the mean time we get to catch up more on Senjougahara, now with short hair, and Hanekawa too :)

For the other series including Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou and Blood Lad, both had a rather normal starting as a series, nothing quite like the rest of the season series. Plot aint as interesting as the others, so these series will have to wait for it to continue airing for a little while before I can decide whether or not to give it up or to continue watching them. Similarly with Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, which is interesting in one way and not in the other, possibly due to the abrupt start of the series, with little explanations so we'll see how that goes as well...

rather soothing song under Miku :)
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