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Random Thought (September 22, 2013 at 11:44PM)

Random Thought 472

Okay, so we get our weekend extended yet again since tomorrow's classes are going to be suspended due to the current heavy rainfalls. Not sure if I will be delighted or not since we don't have full day classes tomorrow anyway since my classes are supposed to start at 11:30 am.

The Best of Summer 2013

Right, so after all those season finales over the past week, I now have a disturbingly empty watching list in preparation for the upcoming Autumn season - so it is time to pick my favourites of the Summer season!It has been a pretty damn good season, normally I only list 5 shows from an equinox season and consider that a decent showing, but this time I have enough good shows to compile a top 10!It has been a while since we had such a strong summer season.


Saturday, September 28, 2013


Disclaimer: I do not own Bakemonogatari

Note: Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk

Friday, September 27, 2013

2009: The Internet Finally Takes Over

Feeling rather humbled by participating in the project, Raindrops (@) is a relatively new blogger from the UK who has been a fan since the early nineties. She spends most of her free time watching anime and speculating furiously about the future of the industry overseas. Choosing 2009 was originally a thinly-veiled excuse to mention her favorite show, and you can follow all those opinions on her blog, .As we draw closer to the fifty-year milestone for anime on television, we've seen the medium moving from monochrome to color and from cel animation to digital. Along the way, it's inspired a vast global audience and survived several new home video formats. 2009 ended up being a year bursting with the same rich innovation as anime continued to explore new approaches both on screen and behind the scenes. While I'm not sure whether any will end up as future classics, there were so many interesting projects on offer that I was forced to make some tough choices in selecting the series I wanted to introduce.

The first title on my list, however, should surprise nobody who was active in the fan community four years ago. Its sequels are still selling well today, its theme songs have become anthems and the script was often rumored to be "untranslatable" by fans trying to rationalize the length of time it took to appear in the US. The series I'm talking about is Shaft's BAKEMONOGATARI.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gashapon! collection

The first time that I tried a gashapon machine was more than 10 years ago, when street fighters and bomber-man were the much sought after third party gashapon series. What I meant by third party is the non-Bandai and non-yujin series that can be bought for 50cents or 1 dollar a piece at those third party gashapon machines that could be found just outside our neighbourhood mama-shop and stationary shops. Today, these third party gashapon machines still exist in neighbourhood convenience stall, food court etc. (A quick search at wiki will reveal that gashapon originates from Bandai Japan, so unfortunately I will refer to those non-Bandai and non-yujin gashapon as 'third party' ones although they were the ones that really accompanied my early childhood) Today, I decided to share some pictures of my street fighter collections. I have kept them all in a plastic contain somewhere in my room and I fear that they may degrade if I continue to keep them hidden somewhere that is warm with no flow of fresh air. Indeed, most of the figures have already a bit sticky. I guess I will have to give them a good wash... My whole street fighter collection These third party gashapon figures differ greatly in quality. Well, the chun lee at the extreme left looks kind of.... On the other hand some pieces such as the ones shown here are of better paint quality Especially Guy(3rd from left, counting the yellow unknown character). Guy was my prized collection since it has a very good paint quality and is the only one that my elder brother did not have :D The two Ken in the above pictures are actually brought from a stationary shop at slightly higher prices, and it seems that they are not third party pieces. The above collection nicely stored in a mooncake box belong(ed) to my elder brother. You can see that they are a few pieces that I did not have ..., which looks very cool. But then, this whole box belongs to me now anyway... :D Next moving on to the main topic of this post - my Bandai and Yujin gahsapon collections that I have been keeping since around 7 years ago. If you remember, there used to be this space on the top floor of suntec city mall, where there were seemingly unending rows and rows of gashapon machines. That was when I started my Bandai and Yujin gahsapon collections. Of course, that gashapon holy land was eventually removed after renovations, where the whole storey became a youth zone. I remember quite a few toy shops closed down after the renovation, in fact only hobby point remained. But then again, today, suntec city mall is undergoing yet a second phase of renovation and hobby point has since moved out.. The bleach gashapon series by Bandai is the really the first Bandai series that I started collecting after I chanced upon the gashapon holy land at suntec city around 7 years ago. It is sad that I didnot managed to collect the whole series. When the first bleach series came out, I still wasn't very keen on gashapon collection, so I just give it one or two tries. However, series after series of bleach gashapon began to be released and at some point I was quite sure that Bandai was going to release all the characters in the future. My interest grew and I especially like the 13 sereitei captains pieces. By the time I decided that I should collect at least each of the 13 captains, most of the first few series has already been sold out... As you can see below, some key member that I am missing includes Aizen, Tousen and Unohana. I tried to buy the whole set from some toy shops but they were all out of stock... Lining up the captains in a line really gives me a sense of achievement. Ukitake, Toshiro, Shunsui, Bykuya, Soi fon, Genryusei Gin, Komamuura, Kensei, Zaraki Kenpachi, Mayuri, Urahara, Ichigo and Rukia Ukitake(second fav piece), Toshiro, Shunsui (my fav piece) Bykuya, Soi fon, Genryusei, gin Gin, Komamuura (4th fav piece), Kensei (this is not a gashapon piece, actually a banpresto keychain, Kensei is one my favourite bleach character), Zaraki Kenpachi, Mayuri (3rd fav piece) Urahara, Ichigo and Rukia Next up will be the Rurouni Kenshin Series. Managed to collect the whole series, including the 2 color variants of kenshin ;D Apparently the pink kenshin is rare I have 1 extra aoshi and infact another Kaoru that I kept mint in the capsule :DRurouni Kenshin is one of the few anime series I really like. The following Bakemonogatari series were bought when I visited Japan in 2010. Gashapons in Japan are very much kept in the same type of capsule as what we have in Singapore.

Some other random gashapon pieces that I collected when I sometimes randomly give a few tries on series that I like or have watched before in animes... Kagome from Inuyasha, the first anime that really got me into watching anime and stuff! Remembered that I watched in on kidcentral on Friday nights some 10 years ago. Back then, internet was expensive and there was no way I could have watched anime streamed online with the kind of internet speed and cost of internet... This Nanoha and Mio figures are the typical 400yen gashapon that I bought when I visited Japan in 2010. They are now one of my prized possessions. And how can we forget the Gundam next series by Bandai, which was very popular with Gundam fans. Gundam Next is the series that are usually sell out fast. In fact, most of the totally empty gashapon machines are those that contain gundam related stuffs. I simply adore the figures as they have good articulation and paint qualities. I was diligently collecting each gundam next series until I ran out of time and budget. Bandai simply keep releasing the Gundam Next series like nobody's business. Today, I think the series is in its 13th or 14th run in Singapore? ex-S, Knight, mk-V, Char's Zaku Sazabi, Sinanju, Kshatriya banshee, unicorn, delta plus rx78, GP01, GP02, ZetaZeta, Double Zeta, Gundam OO series...

While gashapon series are often sold as sets in some toy shop, I have never brought them in such a way. I prefer turning the knob on gashapon machines and then slowing opening up the capsule to see what I get. Sometimes when you get the pieces that you have been hoping for or the rare variants, it just make you feel happy and worthwhile to have given the machine a try. Of course at times you get repetitive pieces, and there is really no one whom you can trade with..., at least none of my school friends are into gashapon. But I consider myself quite lucky most of the times since I rarely get repetitive pieces. Well, after trying out gashapon machines, it is easy to figure out the trick - remember which capsules contain which character and try to figure out which coloured capsule will be coming out next by glaring into the transparent gashapon machine. Of course this can be quite time consuming and when there are no other people waiting to try out the machines, you cant really do anything although you know that the piece that you are waiting for will be coming out in the next 1 or 2 tries... and you never know when you ever have the chance to pass by the Gashapon machines again, which are usually located in town. Also, there is a risk of the Gashapon selling out if they are really popular. In retrospect, gashapon really brought me a lot of fun, as a child and even as a teenager or a young adult. Be it the third party or the Bandai ones, they have always brought smiles to my faces and become part of my fond memories of my childhood and early adulthood.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lemme See Your Narrative: Imagery, Aesthetic, Beliefs

One aspect I think makes my anime blog distinct from most is that I'm so vocal about my values, so open about their level of influence on my choices, so actively hyperfocused on figuring out what I think about something and why that it can seem I kill any desire I have to negotiate those terms. And from time to time, this makes my tastes seem more schizophrenic than they actually are.

For example: I genuinely dislike NisiOisin's work. I don't think he takes genius, sexual and social perversion very seriously at all, for all his thematic obsession with them. I readily understand the veneer effect of seeing text and repetitious scene splayed all over the screen, the cocky jauntiness, the constant feeling that things are happening, even if one can't understand them. I can appreciate some of the questions he asks, like maybe in Zaregoto (maybe), or a bit of Katanagatari. I don't think he really wants to take a hard, careful look at and through a construction of what is named "shittiness" and figure out thoroughly, meticulously, how it is that values, destructive or affirming, are constructed. Ergo, I find his--as opposed to Shaft's--stuff morally unhelpful and menially entertaining. The single (and I mean single) reason I haven't closed the book entirely on his work is because light novel translatoractively appreciates him.

Friday, September 20, 2013

[Music Monday] Platinum Disco

I watched all of Bakemonogatari shortly before the Season Season started airing about seven weeks ago and I'm having trouble remembering a time where I have fallen so hard for a series like I did for Bake. Of course, I didn't stop there and I have now finished Nisemonogatari (it is interesting how it gets easier to spell the names of each series as you watch them. Who knew?) so I have no doubt anyone who has seen it will know this week's song!

. . . As if the title wasn't spoiler enough. /)-

Music Monday

We've all seen the and references many times throughout the years this site has been up, but nonetheless of all the songs that we associate with Code Geass, who would pick out Kaidoku Funou, otherwise translated as "Impossible to Decipher", which was the second opening theme song to Code Geass?

I have no idea why I have fond memories of this song, we first became acquainted in my HSC year when I preferred to watch anime than study (anime such as Bakemonogatari and Darker than Black, mind you - good, good times). Somehow this song became one of those tracks that I continuously played on a loop in order to force my rebellious brain into focusing on studying, rather than the however many other things it wanted to do. How? Why?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Dialogue About Auteur Theory and Adaptations

Inspired by the philosophical dialogues of Plato

Usny: Phil, you've heard of "auteur theory", right?

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Cool Products Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate and the curious Yotsubato robot.

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Stubbs' Top 10 Favourite Anime

You can all read the title. I don't need to make a big introduction to this. Just know that this is only my top 10 personal favourites, not the top 10 best of all time. This is just my opinion. That said, here we go!

10) Gosick:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dubs vs Subs: The analysis

The never ending flamewar of dubs vs subs has been going on for ages. With the way things are with them, it seems like you can only watch one or the other. "Sub people are pretentious purists", "dub people are too stupid to keep up with watching something with subtitles". What about the group that watches both? Sadly they're ignored.

The problem with this flamewar is that, it's mostly opinion based. While there are some facts to support both sides, it still mostly boils down to opinion for which is better. This article is to give details on the pros and cons for dubbing and subbing. This is not to tell you which is better, nor is this for people to engage in the flamewar.

Anime DVD Sales19:12 BST

In its latest blog page, Anime Limited has posted two sales lists for August 2013; first, for the top-selling anime titles, and second, for the new anime titles released in August. Top selling titles overall. 1 Cowboy Bebop - Box 1 Anime Ltd 2 My Neighbor Totoro Studio Canal 3 Pokemon 4Ever Studio Canal 4 Akira Manga UK 5 Naruto Shipp den: The Will of Fire Manga UK 6 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Manga UK 7 Spirited Away Studio Canal 8 Space Battleship Yamato (Live-Action 2010) Manga UK 9 Howl's Moving Castle Studio Canal 10 Fairy Tail - Collection 1 Manga UK New releases in August. 1 Cowboy Bebop - Box 1 Anime Ltd 2 Pokemon 4Ever Studio Canal 3 Space Battleship Yamato (Live-Action 2010) Manga UK 4 Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - Series 1 Manga UK 5 Hellsing Ultimate Part 1-4 Collection Manga UK 6 KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple - 2 Manga UK 7 Clannad - Complete Series Collection Manga UK 8 Inu X Boku Secret Service Collection MVM 9 Bakemonogatari Part 2 MVM 10 Hellsing - The Complete Original Series MANGA UK
Full Post

Why Do People Like Bakemonogatari?

Gee, I wonder.

NOTE: This is not a hate post. It's a post about extreme doubt and ambivalence.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bakemonogatari's Sengoku Nadeko by Alter

With the Monogatari Second Season anime in full swing, we thought we'd talk about Alter's latest Bakemonogatari offering -- Sengoku Nadeko! We were so impressed with Alter's Senjougahara and Hanekawa that when they announced their plans to release this Sengoku Nadeko figure, we jumped at the chance. Our only complaint was that it took so long for them to finally do a third Bakemonogatari figure! Hopefully Nadeko-chan won't be the last and Kanbaru, Hachikuji, and Shinobu will receive figure renditions as well.

Anyways, getting back to you can see, she's sporting the casual wear we've come to know and love from the girl possessed by a snake. Complete with her big, fluffy hat and jacket, Nadeko looks absolutely adorable!

Karen Araragi 1/8 Scale by GSC: Unboxing and Review

I only started watching the Monogatari series back in July, but it's quickly become one of my favorite anime series (I actually heavily considered getting the Blu-Ray box set for Bakemonogatari priced at $150). Unfortunately, due to its popularity, a lot of the released figures have skyrocketed in price. This is somewhat of a problem for me since, similar to the Strike Witches line of figures by Alter, I plan on collecting the whole Good Smile line of figures. I decided to start of the collection with the !!

One of the many good things about the Monogatari series is that I find all the characters to be very likeable and interesting. When you mix that with some beautifully sculpted and colorful figures, it really comes as no surprise that I want to collect the whole line of figures by Good Smile.

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Yeah........ my summer break is now coming to an end, and what have I accomplished?


Thoughts On: Kizumonogatari

So after watching band enjoying the Bakemonogatari anime and liking it I looked into further series/continuations of the story. It appears that the anime sequels are still being produced. As a side note I'll mention that I do dislike 'joining things' partway through' for want of a better phrase, to be more specific: I don't like waiting for content to be produced/released. I'd much rather come once everything is readily available, I theorize this is because of how I typically consume content (In one big go). waiting around on something anticipated really works for some people, I am not one. That said, it's not like I think badly of it, and in cases where stories are wrapped up I am happy to suspend my interest until future entries are fully released.

That rambling intro out of the way, I made the decision that if I couldn't watch the anime I would therefore read the Light Novels. (I almost wrote this sentence as 'would do the next best thing', but then decided that was very inaccurate, maybe this is also for another post, but I often get the feeling when watching anime that I've missed something by not having read the source material it's adapted from). The conclusion to this paragraph is that I was interested in the story of Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade and the story of how Araragi became a vampire, which was referenced or alluded to many times in the earlier portions of the story. This is how Kizumonogatatri became this first Light Novel I read.

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Scotland Loves Animation 2013 Festival Line-Up

On the day that , I report about this year's takes place in GLASGOW (OCTOBER 11TH-13TH) and EDINBURGH (OCTOBER 14TH-20TH). If the former bit of news is sad for the loss tat the film and anime world will suffer then the line-up offers positivity because these titles have so much imagination and originality that, even with the Miyazaki-sized hole in anime, great works will still be made.

The line-up features a lot of the biggest anime films released in Japan over the last two years. There are some genuinely lovely surprises like Fuse: A Gun Girl's Detective Story, Garden of Words, and Gusko Budori and some great surprises like Hal and Patema Inverted. Some of these films already have UK distribution deals and some are classics that are getting re-released.