Thursday, July 11, 2013

Of camps and the end of spring.

It's been a somewhat productive month? Maybe? Due to things out of my control haha.

Aaaanyway I guess I'll start where I left off, at the start of June.

I tried to make kimchi for my mum following a few recipes I found online. Combined a few of them. The shit's still sitting in the fridge, I don't think she's even interested in eating it. Neither am I, really. ^^"

Caught a fever, spammed meds.

Sold my remaining OreImo figurines to a middle-aged businessman. I'll miss you Kirino and Kuroneko, but at least I still have a wall-scroll of you two. =D

Went for reservice between 10th to 16th. There was crappy internet there, really should've brought my notebook to keep up with my insanity while disconnected. We didn't do much of anything, and I failed my IPPT. *sobs*

My earworm throughout reservice was Summer Time Record. Thankfully, time did not loop.

The only notable part was simulator training, where my gunner managed to mess up the first shot and I was already closing onto the enemy tank. I did an epic manoeuvre to the enemy's back while its slow turret was trying to catch up and we managed to kill it. Basically, the whole thing reminded me so much of the finale battle of Girls und Panzer, seriously. Too damn epic.

Anyway, fell sick again after booking out of army. Trolololol. Spent the last day after out-pro going around withmy gunner Wai Siong. We visited JEM (turns out it was its opening day!), wandered round its shops and ate a late lunch at Ichiban Boshi. That place has good food but service was terrible that day- took over half an hour for our orders. Guess it was just too busy.

Spent the time talking with him about animation and stuff, visited Challenger, Kino, Muji... plenty of good shops in the mall. Bought a copy of The New Watch too.

The Fools' Tournament finally ended. It's a Persona 3 Portable fanfic I've been following for almost 2 years, the second longest running one for me. Hell, it's the fanfic that made me create a account just to follow it for in the first place. It's been an amazing journey and I just adore how good it got near the end as the writer polished her skills and brought in a second writer too. Plus the ending was just utter mind-fuck on an Inception/Steins;Gate level. Seriously, it was almost the work of a professional. They're working on a sequel now too, which promises awesomeee.

Haze came along, setting new peak records for Singapore. It also created a sore-throat and flu and fever and shit in me at its start, which I had to wait out. Luckily I had plenty of good reading (as stated above) to pass the time, so it wasn't all that bad.

Went for the Japanese Studies Society Freshmen Social Camp between 24th to 27th. It was fun, I guess, it's been really long since I last interacted with people and I was looking forward to having other friends who loved anime too.

But at the same time there were bitter memories of the few times I did fuck up during the camp. Mixed feelings. I guess it's an improvement over having been numb for so long, but still... Let me just remember the good times.

There was a Jap pop quiz, in which Master Darren and his friends won for our group. Too OP. Then a Guess The Anime quiz, in which my group won too because there was this girl who watched most of the shounen/shoujo shows, and I handled the rest of the romcom/harem shit. Too damn epic.

I wore my Steins;Gate shirt on the first day, 765-Productions shirt on the second and Judgment shirt on the third. Being a total stealth otaku all the way guehehe.

Then there was Secret Pal. Two most notable moments: when asked what kind of girl I was interested in, I replied 2D. Second was at the conclusion of the game, when we had to go to the girls' room and say a pickup line to get them to come out and end the game. I took it up to eleven, knelt in front of the door and spewed out the cheesiest shit I could think of while keeping it otaku-ish and funny: "Ever since our first fated encounter, I've always known you were special. After these conversations, I've decided I love you as much as my waifu. If there were figurines or wall scrolls of you, I would buy them in a heartbeat. Now would you please grace me with the light of your beauty so that we may appreciate the fine moon this night has blessed us with?" (Totally combining Japanese and Western influence there uuuuh.)

And when she came out, I took her hand and kissed it. I think that move made me legendary in the society already.

Beach Day was fun. I got dunked- actually almost everyone did, but I was the second freshman to do so after sabo-ing Renjie to be the first lololol.

Also my OGL showed us this very nice St Marc's Cafe or something in Vivocity, where they sell these chocolate croissants that are awesome. I adored the strawberry daifuku one, and even bought one for my secret pal cause she mentioned she likes strawberry haha.

Our orientation group danced the Ankou dance from Girls und Panzer for the performance. I messed up. But at least I can say I've done that once in my life now.

Final night after the BBQ, everyone started crashing around 2.30am. At that point the seniors were mostly playing cards in their room, one OG was outside having a drinking game, I was wandering around between the few still lingering in the living room talking and the World of Tanks game going on at the dining table.

And then at 3am I somehow got Dominic-senpai to start teaching me wotagei. It's... a dance with lightsticks, meant for fans to show their appreciation to idols. I was interested ever since we learned bits of it on the second day during the amazing race portion, but no one else seemed to have any interest in it. At any rate, I spent the next hour and a half being taught by him with another senpai's help for music (crap I forgot his name). Learned a few more moves, so now I know Over-Action-Dolphin (Kanto and Kansai versions), Ni-Hai-O-Hai, Rosario, Muramasa, Thundersnake, Amaterasu and Romansu. The only moves everyone else learned were just Thundersnake and Romansu, which were chorus moves. I now know enough moves to do a full song! =D (Also, one of his lightsticks broke during training and it splattered glowing fluid everywhere. It was hilarious and pretty at the same time to see the starry ceiling.)

If anything, I guess that was my proudest moment during the camp. Putting in extra effort more than the rest to learn something new: even if it isn't useful, it's at least interesting!

So anyway, slept late that night at 5.30am plus lol. The after-effects of parting the next morning were the worst- for the next couple of days I felt like going out and it just felt weird going back to my solo-NEET life.

And as a compromise to that, I went out on 28th. Dropped by Subway at West Coast Plaza just to see Mingwei for a bit to exchange some thoughts. Will probably be seeing him again at Cosfest later this week.

That's about it, really. Started on a new VN Symphonic Rain, will review once completed. Also I've gotten hooked onto the Love Live social rhythm game lately heh. And yet more Borderlands 2 with Nopol and the guys.

Don't think I have much plans in the near future... just coffee with Joanne, Cosfest with Glenn, maybe meetup with the guys. Still training for my IPPT, what a pain. I could probably pass it now really, but I'm too lazy to go take it.

Did a tarot reading just now, the first in a long time. Got Ten of Swords, High Priestess, and Strength. It's a simple reading: The worst is behind me, and that if I follow my intuition and avoid conflict, I will achieve mastery over myself and my environments in the future.

It's not the first time I've seen the Ten of Swords, but it's the first time I've seen it in the past position. I guess that part of my life is really behind me now.

Well, hope things get better from now on, then.


Spring has ended, and with it a ton of anime that I was following. Here're the reviews for what I watched this month as well as over this season.

LOVE LIVE! SCHOOL IDOL PROJECT (7) had potential. The first few episodes were a good lead-in, the introduction of START:DASH!! in episode 3 was really awesome. But from there it sort of derailed: the plot didn't carry very well, was illogical and kind of contrived, and too much emotional whining all around. Was kind of disappointed. But still, I found myself caring about the characters a lot just a few days afterwards, and that's why I'm still hooked onto the social game. Also, their music is pretty awesome: unlike iM@S where I only like some songs, in's Best Album collection there are only a few songs I dislike. So anime sucks, but it's a pretty decent franchise.

NISEMONOGATARI (8) was surprisingly enjoyable. I had trouble getting into Bakemonogatari back when I first watched it, but Nise was actually very entertaining, keeping me up late at night just to finish watching the first arc. I think I'm sold on this series now despite a rocky start, the fast-paced humour is pretty good.

NEKOMONOGATARI: KURO (8) gets a similar score on the same basis.

YAHARI ORE NO SEISHUN LOVE COMEDY WA MACHIGATTEIRU. (9)... Where do I even start? It's just awesome. The leading characters are totally rotten and socially-disillusioned, and it's a very refreshing view instead of the veil of happy lies most anime try to force on us. It may even be the first of its kind, in forcing an anti-social person to join a club and still retain his character. He manages to solve problems with his own rotten solutions instead of embracing the Happy High School Life(tm) that most anime try to force on us. I think it's very explorative of the genre, that can be very encouraging to people who see the world similarly. It lets us know that it's okay to be different, so what if you're judged? It's perfectly fine to live like that. There is no Happy End in this anime, but damn if there's anything wrong with that.

DATE A LIVE (7) Despite pretty good graphics and a semi-decent OST, this anime seems really lacklustre, most probably attributed to the rather weak seiyuu cast. The characters sound like they're barely in it, and immersion is low except for the more intense scenes.

That said, the action and humour is pretty good, but the two take it to such extremes that it can be rather jarring at times. At any rate, I was sorely disappointed by this show cause I thought the LN had potential. The adaptation decay was just too terrible for the most part so meh.

HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA! (9) has my vote for anime of the season. I think it's got the perfect balance between light plot and humour, and this show had me burst out laughing almost every episode. Seriously, this was one of the best things I've watched in a while.

HAIYORE! NYARUKO-SAN W (7) is just more of the same wacky shit. Lousy punchlines, no good plot or development. If not for the occasional reference that I do manage to catch, this show would probably be pretty bad. I like the wackiness really, but the lack of development of any sort (plot or character) just makes one wonder why you're watching it in the first place.

HENTAI OUJI TO WARAWANAI NEKO. (8) makes you decide whether you're a lolicon or a lolicon. Seriously, the number of times I could've died from hyperglycaemic shock during this series... Anyway, it had a good start, sort of almost-lost it mid-way, but managed to tie up everything nicely at the end. It also has an open ending though one girl seems to be the winner by now. Watch it for the lolis, plot is a bonus.

There are two anime I've downloaded but yet to finish watching: RED DATA GIRL and PHOTOKANO. I stopped halfway through the season for both of them, and honestly considering dropping despite the fact that I've never dropped anything before. But anyway, these are two anime that are so bad that I wouldn't ask anyone to watch them. Ever. Red Data Girl is a jumbo-mix of confusion that tries to stuff too many confusing plot elements in and pretty much loses everything as it has no draw. Photokano has an omnibus format, and I stopped watching after the first ending with his childhood friend. I think that was pretty much the only girl I was interested in, I guess.

Finally, ORE NO IMOUTO GA KONNANI KAWAII WAKE GA NAI. (9) has finished airing its scheduled run. The final 3 episodes will air on August 18th, and I really can't wait. I want to see this series end even if I'll mourn its passing, I just adore all the characters so much- even Kirino. Unlike most people, I'm perfectly okay with her even though if I had to choose, I'll probably be in the Ayase-camp. But come on, choosing between a tsundere, a chuunibyou and a yandere? Those are my three favourite archetypes...

Anyway, I'll fanboy over this another time. I only realised recently just how much I actually love this series despite it not standing out a lot.

Time to start on Summer anime, I guess. What to watch, what to watch...
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