Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts On: Kizumonogatari

So after watching band enjoying the Bakemonogatari anime and liking it I looked into further series/continuations of the story. It appears that the anime sequels are still being produced. As a side note I'll mention that I do dislike 'joining things' partway through' for want of a better phrase, to be more specific: I don't like waiting for content to be produced/released. I'd much rather come once everything is readily available, I theorize this is because of how I typically consume content (In one big go). waiting around on something anticipated really works for some people, I am not one. That said, it's not like I think badly of it, and in cases where stories are wrapped up I am happy to suspend my interest until future entries are fully released.

That rambling intro out of the way, I made the decision that if I couldn't watch the anime I would therefore read the Light Novels. (I almost wrote this sentence as 'would do the next best thing', but then decided that was very inaccurate, maybe this is also for another post, but I often get the feeling when watching anime that I've missed something by not having read the source material it's adapted from). The conclusion to this paragraph is that I was interested in the story of Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade and the story of how Araragi became a vampire, which was referenced or alluded to many times in the earlier portions of the story. This is how Kizumonogatatri became this first Light Novel I read.

Er, well technically speaking that last sentence is sort of a lie since I started reading the first part of Bakemonogatari first on account of not really knowing what to expect. On reflection, it's pretty obvious a Light Novel is a... light... novel... kinda a medium short story, typically with some illustrations. In previous entries of this variety I've done some dissection of the material, in this case though I've already typed a whole bunch already. So I'll just say I liked it, I used to be a fairly avid reader, so getting through this in one afternoon was pretty fun for me.
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