Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bakemonogatari's Sengoku Nadeko by Alter

With the Monogatari Second Season anime in full swing, we thought we'd talk about Alter's latest Bakemonogatari offering -- Sengoku Nadeko! We were so impressed with Alter's Senjougahara and Hanekawa that when they announced their plans to release this Sengoku Nadeko figure, we jumped at the chance. Our only complaint was that it took so long for them to finally do a third Bakemonogatari figure! Hopefully Nadeko-chan won't be the last and Kanbaru, Hachikuji, and Shinobu will receive figure renditions as well.

Anyways, getting back to you can see, she's sporting the casual wear we've come to know and love from the girl possessed by a snake. Complete with her big, fluffy hat and jacket, Nadeko looks absolutely adorable!

For added display options, Alter was nice enough to allow collectors to cast off both her hat and jacket. But that's all you can cast off! So don't get any weird ideas,But that's not all. Alteralso included an additional facial expression for even more display options. Not only does Nadeko come with the cute, winking face pictured above, but you also get this cute blushing expression to the left as well! Does Alter know how to please their fans, or does Alter know how to please their fans?

This 1/8 scale Sengoku Nadeko was sculpted by Makio Munetoshi, who's done a bunch of figures for both Alter and Kotobukiya, including Alter's two Kagetsugu Naoe figures and their very popular, and valuable, Merry Nightmare. You'll be able to see more of Makio's work when Alter releases their upcoming Super Sonico figure, which is turning out very nice.

From behind, you can see how much effort went into Nadeko's hair. Lots of definition and really great color work. Perhaps even more impressive is that she's posed with her hands intertwined. Just from a sculpting standpoint, that must have been a nightmare to deal with. We've all see very nice sculpts with very ugly looking hands, so to take it a step up and have the hands intertwined like this shows how much skill Makio has as a sculptor.

You can score your own snake charming Sengoku Nadeko by Alter for $89.99 by sending all your order details to . If you want to see the rest of Nadeko's photos, you can do so by checking out .

We just got in a handful of figures this past week, so please take a look at our page to see what we have to offer. And as usual, if you have any questions about Nadeko or any other figure, you can always reach us at . So until next time...
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