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Cool Products Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate and the curious Yotsubato robot.


Now that Pokemon fans are growing up, Nintendo has been licensing some better items for all of us. Today we've added two new products, a portable pocket mirror and a super soft microfiber towel, both featuring Pikachu. And, if you haven't seen them yet, there are also some really fantastic models of all the classic Pokemon up for preorder. It's a good time to be a Pokemon fan!

See a huge volley of new 2014 calendars you can preorder now, from Gundam U.C. to Code Geass to Rozen Maiden and more. Order soon!

We've always been fans of Haruyo Morita, the beautiful artists who creates modern versions of traditional Japanese art. Enjoy her 2014 calendar!

We've picked up some great fashion items from the streets of Shibuya and Akihabara, for both cosplay and daily wear. Check out these new items.

Tabi are the split-toe socks which are found in Japan, also called "Ninja Socks" since they were the footwear of choice for the elite assassins.

A great accessory for cosplayers who are looking to pull off the Mari look at this year's anime conventions. Grab a pair before they sell out.

See some fun otaku-friendly products restocked, great for upgrading your room and giving yourself a whole new image.

A young man trapped inside a virtual reality MMORPG with hundreds of other gamers. SAO is anime at its best, now out with a limited edition for BD #9.

Our little girl Hatsune Miku went and had a birthday, turning five years old, and to celebrate a new Hatsune Miku concert live performance Blu-ray boxed set has...

If you're a fan of Totoro, check out this amazing clock that looks like the mysterious forest complete with Totoro and friends.

For the hardworking Star Wars fan, check out these cool Star Wars Business Card holders with stylish and super durable designs from Japan.

Get some great Japan-only pens to make your art look better than ever. Take a look at all of our restocked manga artist supplies.

You've seen them in Anime and Manga, the delicious octopus balls named Takoyaki. Make them at home with these great tools.

A fun and delicious treat from Japan's wacky confectionery company, Krachie, is always making interesting products, like the famous Popin' Cookin'.

Based on the delicious chewing gum from Japan, this is the ever so popular flavored yogurt soft candy called Puccho. Also, Koikeya baked potato snacks!

Our customers have spoken: they love the dagashi bento sampler, which gives you a selection of random Showa Era treats in a fun bento box!

Kabaya Ju-C, Caramel x Star Wars, Cheese Calorie Mate, Glico Salad Pretz, Kanro Pure Gummy and many more are in stock now.

Find that perfect bento box for your loved one, now in many popular anime varieties as well. Take home one and start having fun, kawaii lunches.

This handy, top-class rice cooker is the easy way to bring delicious rice to your home. It's small but works great for cooking all kinds of rice.

Create super cute boxed lunches with the help of Hello Kitty, plus many other must-have tools of the bento master.

Make those cute handheld rice balls at home with these easy to use shapers. A favorite of many anime characters. Plus other fun kitchen items too.

The nori punches that let you make cute faces on your rice balls, decorate bento and more -- restocked! Extremely popular with J-List customers.

Spotted on iTunes Japan: the awesome for fans of that show, plus the awesome .

Plus we have all those cute traditional decorations and home items that we know you want, like these cat chopstick holders.

One of the most popular products in our fashion lineup are the Gatsby Hair Wax products, which make you look like your favorite Johnny's-kei band.

Become a certified Colossal Titan with this super cool Attack on Titan costume set. Great for cosplaying or Halloween. Comes in 2 different sizes.

The King of the Monsters gets and awesome action figure! Great work and ultra detail, it looks like Godzilla just jumped out from the big screen!

Play a game of stack with the ever adorable Totoro and his cuddly friends with this cute Totoro Tsumu Tsumu Stackable Toy. An official Ghibli product!

Preorder today the ultimate fan item for Space Battleship Yamato 2199, a perfect replica of the Yamato, that every fan must have.

From the hit movie Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A's comes an excellent figure of Signum! You can change her signature weapon into all its forms. Wow!

Great news for Monogatari fans! Check out these 2 great items; A Bakemonogatari Premium Item Box w/c includes a Nendoroid figure & a Nekomonogatari Mug Cup.


Gals from Tokyo are undeniably hot. This collection shows off what they do in private, plus a DVD with 7 hours of action.

We got a new erotic manga about hot young wives so wild in bed that their husbands can not satisfy them. Plus other awesome h-manga in stock!

Plus a lot of new H manga are now here too, like Kimochi Ii Omoi, Boku no Kawaii Oneesan, and M Otoko Izonsho.

From master BL mangaka, Haruka Minami comes this wonderful yaoi manga about cute boys in animal ears. Also enjoy Bitter Sweet Honey!

A new high grade onahole by Japanese adult toys maker ToysHeart, plus many more great toys for you to relax with.

Sometimes a guy needs to relieve his stress, and we've got some great products for just that purpose, from the Sujiman Kupa Real Onahole to Shakuhachi Musume!

Pepee personal lotion is the ultimate helper for when sliding up to someone you love, or whenever you need things to go a little more smoothly.

See the popular My Girl Yuria and New Air Dutch inflatable doll toys restocked, plus some fun accessories for extra fantasy play.

One game we recommend a lot is Brave Soul, an outstanding scrolling RPG with great gameplay and art by the famous Mogudan. Hours of "H" RPG gameplay!

CROSS CHANNEL, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, D.C. III R ~ X-rated, Sengoku Rance plus the popular 3D game Artificial Academy.

Yuma Asami fans have been waiting for J-List to carry some of her movies in Blu-Ray, we respond to their wishes with this new HD best-of!

Attackers delivers a new awesome box that caters to all tentacle fetish action fans, feat. Hitomi Tanaka and 3 other hot Japanese chicks!

J-List stocks up on super rare JAV material for fans, completely remastered by Alice Japan, witness the debut performances of Mihiro, Akiho Yoshizawa and Ryoko Mitake!

The Dandy label documents the trip of several women to a Polynesian beach resort, where they secretely go get very special massages to relieve stress...


Finally, a nice updating of our DVD and Blu-ray titles, including hentai works like Hypnosis Humiliation School and Discipline Zero, plus Lesbian Hyper Best 8 Hours, Lost Virgin AV Debut with Kyoto Maeda, 3D Anywhere Anytime Any Number of Times starring Nana Ogura (heart), live action anime parody works like I Want Friends and The Hentaisan and the Stony Girl, plus the interesting AV for women by Silk Labo.
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