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Stubbs' Top 10 Favourite Anime

You can all read the title. I don't need to make a big introduction to this. Just know that this is only my top 10 personal favourites, not the top 10 best of all time. This is just my opinion. That said, here we go!

10) Gosick:

A nice show by Bones based in a sort of pre-world war semi-Victorian time in a fictional France-like country. Filled with mystery and the right amount of comedy, has supernatural elements but uses them in a way where the show is still grounded in reality. Brilliant art style, nice characters and a good plot. I'm a little shaky about the overall ending but it's a brilliant journey nontheless.

9) Bakemonogatari:

Honestly, my preferred section of the Monogatari saga. Bakemonogatari is dialogue heavy without a whole lot of action or anything going on and the animation is somewhat minimum. However, it more than makes up for this by having it's dialogue be top notch and interesting. The main plot is good for it but when they';re just fucking about, the show peaks and this series is what happens when Akiyuki Shinbou has NO leash for his direction. A fun ride from start to finish, just so long as you don't mind lots of dialogue.

8) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

What can I say about this show that hasn't already been said? If you're looking for a mature, sophisticated show with mature themes and interesting dialogue .you're in the wrong fucking place. This is a show where massive robots throw galaxies at each other and have massive drills. I wouldn't have it any other way. Gurren Lagann is as it's best when it's giant robots beating the shit out of more giant robots with pretty flashy animation and over the top goodness. If I have to bring up flaws, I have to bring up the awkward political shift at the beginning of the time skip and the animation in Episode 4 but those are small problems and this show is still really fucking enjoyable.

7) Kanon (2006):

My personal favourite of the Key/KyoAni holy trinity (I've not seen After Story yet so shut up), it's also that point where KyoAni got REALLY good at animation. The story a feelsy one but not too much, the humour makes me wonder why this isn't labelled as a comedy and as I mentioned, the animation is pretty damn good for it's time and set KyoAni a new standard. The characters are fun and likeable and it's just a nice little package to sit through.

6) Sukitte Ii na yo:

A nice little romance anime about an introverted girl and the popular boy in high school. Yes, it pretty much IS like Kimi ni Todoke but as much as I love the charm of KnT, the execution of Sukitte Ii na yo wins overall. The story just seems somewhat believable and the main boys flaws are actual flaws that get time to get pounded out, rather than just being "Whoopsy, misunderstandings!" I also need to bring light to Mei Tachibana, the main girl, for being one of the best, if not THE best, female protagonist in a romance anime I have ever seen. The development of her in the series as a whole is just top notch and perfectly executed in a gradual manner. She doesn't just skip from introvert to social butterfly in a single event, it's a gradual process and it's really believable and is why I love this show so much.

5) Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:

There's the bad thing in life that anime doesn't really show that much. That no matter how much you try, there is always gonna be a much more talented person getting an easier time than you because of it. You don't always get what you want and life is unfair. Sakurasou does this and offers a bunch of entertainment to go with it. Fun characters that are somewhat believable and pretty enough visuals and a decent story. Also, props to the show for showing a lot more dignity to the games industry than a lot of other shows, which goes with the whole "Life is unfair" aspects of the story. A great show.

4) Silver Spoon:

Yes, I do know that the show hasn't even finished yet. I don't care. Consider this placement tentative if it bothers you so much. This show is fucking awesome. Showing the hardships of the agriculture but doing so in a funny, light-hearted package. Showing that some things are cold-hearted but doing so for the greater good. It's a good look at that particular field but even if you don't care for that part, it's still a damn funny show on it's own merits. The show is being split into 2 seasons which may seem weird at first, looking at some other shows struggle to meet deadlines, it's understandable and not really an issue as it's better to have the show complete in 2 segments than unfinished in a single shot. Either, just go fucking watch this show.

3) GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class:

You seen Lucky Star? Imagine that, but remove the bits were it wasn't being funny and was just existing and pump in some educational stuff about art. That's GA. It's essentially just "Lucky Star but better executed". Doesn't outstay it's welcome and when it's not being entertaining, it's at least trying to teach you something. Anybody who likes Lucky Star will love this. Anybody who didn't like the parts where Lucky Star just sat there doing nothing might wanna give this show a shot. It's definitely a solid slice of life show at least.

2) Usagi Drop:

This fucking show. The amount of charm in it and a believable look at parenthood. It's just so well done. Nice pastel colours for the animation a good characters. Shout out to Rin for being insanely cute and a believable child characters which is actually a good point for all the children. They're all believable thanks to good characterisation and actually getting real children to do the voices, who did a good job and sound really fucking cute. Either way, this show is just really charming and you need to watch it.

1) Daily Lives of High School Boys:

If you haven't seen this show, go watch this show. Like, right now. It's a brilliant satire on the whole 'cute girls doing cute things' clich . And the comedy? Holy fuck, I don't think I've EVER laughed this much at an anime. There's really not much I can say other than go watch it, it's fucking hilarious and worth your time and I can only hope it gets picked up for a second season.
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