Sunday, October 27, 2013

monogatari season 2 episode 15 Rant!

what the fuck was the point!

this is going to have slight spoilers so if you haven't seen it yet then go watch it.

ok i meant to do this a while a go but other anime got in the way.

The fuck was the point of having her turn yandere.

I get it she had the snake demon inside of her andwell kinda still had feelings for Agarigi. But she being 14 and Him 16 really? The most i thought would turn Yandere in the whole series, The one who deserves to become a yandere in my opinion was HANEKAWA!!!!

Don't get me wrong Nadeko snake arc was interesting. Having her deal with snakes all over again because in bakemonogatari her arc was kinda short in my opinion and during this arc it was interestinghoweveri didn't not like and i do not like that after all was said and done the problem was not solved oh no.


Bravo Monogatari you have fucked me over yet again!
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