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Cool Products Friday, October 18, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .



Get your bishie fix with a new issue of Dengeki Girl's style, featuring articles on popular otome games like Hakuoki, Starry Sky, Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia, and Utapri! (aka Urapuri). You also get great omake stuff like posters and accessories covered in art of your favorite characters. Issues are limited, so don't wait!

This super-thick monthly manga magazine is popular with J-List customers because it offers so many pages of new fanservice manga people love.

The latest issue of KERA is here, arguably one of the best Harajuku fashion magazine, this month featuring the band Scandal, and autumn/winter trends!

From the ecchi ninja anime Senran Kagura, here's a very special artbook just for you. Packed full of ecchi anime illustrations fans will surely love.

Moon Prism Power! Make up! Transform your boring iPhone 5 into a cute Sailor Moon phone with these amazing stickers.

With Totoro, Laputa, Nausicaa, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo and so many others, this official calendar from Studio Ghibli is a great set of artwork for your home or office.

Every year we stock fabulous calendars featuring Japan's most beautiful women, from Dan Mitsu to the cute-as-a-button Shizuka Nakamura.

Become a super soft and huggable panda bear, in this new parka from Japan.

For cosplayers, here's a great item from Japan, authentic spandex short spats for the cold winter.

Fulfill your OL and Joso fetishes with this special pair of black stockings from Tamatoys, made especially for men, with added comfort on the front!

We restocked our legendary Japanese Leather School Briefcase, as seen in anime for decades, plus other gorgeous cosplay items from Japan.

Or if you are more of a dog person, we also have Wanko Darake!, another fun stacking balance game from Japan.

We stock all-ages versions of some great games from Japan's top developers, like Clannad, Air, Rewrite, Witch on the Holy Night and Sonicomi!

Cat lovers will want to take these little kitties home with them. They're cute and cuddly, and great for decorating your bag. Collect them all!

And keep your coins secured and in style with these cool Animal Crossing Coin Cases featuring your favorite characters. Amazing!

We've got the really cute Kingdom Hearts Dusk Plus, plus Rin from Little Busters in Nendoroid form and an Eva glasses case.

Also: see a nice restocking of other Ghibli products, like the Totoro and Nekobus Wall Pockets for your room, Nausicaa plush toys and more!

Japanese families love to take baths, and whenever possible at an onsen (hot spring) with others. You too can enjoy an onsen-like bath with these items.

Also, the awesome kami nendo or "paper clay" molds featuring the cute character Mousse-chan are restocked today. Molds are reusable for other crafts!

Show your love for Attack on Titan with a soft and fluffy microfiber mini towel featuring art of your favorite characters. 4 different towels to choose from.

If you ever wanted to have the company of the Colossal Titan in bed, now is your chance to grab this Colossal Titan Pillow Cushion today.

There's nothing like an oppai mouse pad to provide right wrist support an otaku needs, and we have new stock of To Love-Ru Darkness in.

This kawaii clock for Pokemon fans is shaped like Pikachu holding a Pokeball. Wake-up with the sound of Pikachu talking in your ear.

We've got two new matcha treats in today, from Lotte and Meiji, in 'adult' flavors that aren't too sweet. Check out all our matcha treats today.

A delicious box of Pocky, in a delicious peach chocolate covered pretzel stick flavor, from Japan's famous snack company Glico.

Celebrate good times the Japanese way with this special Microwave Sekihan Sticky Rice. Contains authentic red beans and sticky rice from Japan. Try it!

Many restocked items too, including Pokemon Poprock Candy, "Dagashi" traditional candy, Glico Takoyaki Pretz plus that Grilled Fish Chocolate item.

Nestle has been a friend to Japan for more than 100 years. and their unique Kit Kat flavors are a favorite of our customers!

Snacks are more fun if they're seen in your favorite anime, and we've got a ton of new snack items for you.

We restocked our popular Evangelion bento boxes along with some stylish and traditional lunchboxes from Japan.

Plus lots of cute bento boxes too, for the culinary otaku. A great way to keep your food fresh, safe and delicious.

These are some of the coolest chopsticks ever, with each made to the highest standards of kawaii. Also cool bento picks.

For those who love baking, you can add a little Japanese cute culture flare to your creations with this awesome Pikachu Cake Silicon Mold. Comes in two sizes.

This Okiagarikoboshi style Lucky Cat, which is like a bobble doll for cat loves, who also want to get a little more luck in their life.

A cute set of two maiko doll tins, one filled with traditional candy and the other with high quality Kyoto tea.

Moon Healing Escalation! Sailor Moon fans should not miss this amazing replica of Sailor Moon's iconic weapon, the Moon Stick. Great for cosplaying.

And today we got 4 new Sailor Moon Phone Cases just waiting to be preorded. Compatible w/ international versions of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The ever adorable Mayoi Hachikuji from the popular anime series Bakemonogatari gets a Nendoroid figure. She looks so kawaii you'll want to take her home.

Show your love for KanColle with a high-quality traditional hand towel from the Edo Period featuring art of your favorite characters.

Wow! Look at this amazing figure of Dark Angel Olivia from the popular mobile game Rage of Bahamut. Such a work of art just waiting to be added to your collection.

And for fans of the popular anime, Watamote, check out these awesome mouse pad and tumbler with gorgeous print of Tomoko. Preorder now.


The renewal issue of Best Magazine includes a huge B2 poster, full page nude and gravure pictures featuring popular idols and actresses, and 2 DVDs!!

A photobook featuring nude shots of Cocomi and Ayumu cosplaying your favorite characters. Comes with a CD-ROM of super highres cuts.

Two criminals take a whole church hostage and while killing time they have some fun with the hostage women. Awesome art and hot juicy action.

Today we posted two exciting new doujinshi featuring Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and Atago from Kantai Collection (KanColle). Click to see.

A nice update of ecchi artbooks from our favorite artists, from Kantoku to Eiji Hikage to the Queen's Blade series. Browse now.

The forbidden relationship between students and teachers has a lot of appeal, now you can experience it with this awesome new onahole from ToysHeart.

Enjoy some wonderful toys, like the Ikkitousen Parody -- Extreme Impact, Anal Doctor and Goku Fella oral simulator.

Do you love the sweet Kuroneko, or have fantasies about taming the yandere queen Ayase? We've got parody products for Oreimo in stock!

We've go in all-time favorites like the Hello Kupa Body Onahole,Guchomon Pocket Omega, the Unpopulated Island Survival hole, and Gucho Nure Monster ~ G.

We love "H" games with fun RPG gameplay, and have several for you, like Brave Soul, Lightning Warrior Raidy and the new Yumina!

Do you love monster girls? Then check out the amazing game praised by monster girl fans everywhere.

Plus many other great eroge restocked today too, like Dramatical Murder, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi, and Ma Furu Yoru no Rin.

From the Waap label comes this amazing best-of featuring the gorgeous Kurusu Kitazawa, a nice collection of performances in high definition.

Company Matsuo, the Hamedori style (Gonzo, first person POV) in Japan, gives us his take at Mayu Koizumi, a beautiful AV girl with a gorgeous body.

Another wild lesbian release by Afro Film, this time focused on legs, socks, feet and anything you could possibly do with those.

The young Aimi Yoshikawa never ceases to amaze. This time she takes on pervert middle-age men who can't get enough of that hot body.


Finally, we've got a huge update of JAV titles, including Prestige Fan Thanks Bus Tour with Rola Misaki and Kokoro Haruyama, Athlete Lesbian and other amazing all-girl works, Otokonoko Idol Serina Tachibana and Otonyan Newhalf, the 8 Hours Collection series with Tsubomi, Nana Usami and Kurumi Tachibana, Working Woman Special 4 Hours, plus cool hentai anime.
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