Friday, October 25, 2013

Cool Products Friday, October 25, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWTo Love-Ru Darkness.

See a big update of Japanese snacks, including Maple Village of Bamboo cookie + chocolate snacks, Peach Gum and more.

Fizzing Ramune gummy candy balls? Neru Neru Nerune and Insect Making Gummy treats from Kracie? Sapporo Potato Vegetable snacks? Oh my!

Make lunch a special time every day with this very kawaii bento box that's shaped like a cute pink doll house.

Find that perfect bento box for your loved one, now in many popular anime varieties as well. Take home one and start having fun, kawaii lunches.

See cute panda cookie cutters, for making kawaii panda themed cookies and more.

Also, enjoy some of our favorite bento accessories by Torune, plus silicon bento cups you can use hundreds of times.

Not only is this penguin super cute, he's also a functional gummy candy making friend! Words cannot describe this cuteness.

We've got a nice updating of traditional J-products too, including the kiseru pipe, Asakusa Lantern strap, Green Tea leaf container, Edo gold coin + more.

The lovable member of Judgment, Kuroko Shirai, from the moe anime A Certain Scientific Railgun S gets a new sexy figure!

Mayoi Hachikuji, the adorable 5th grader from the anime Bakemonogatari, comes to you in this great new repaint edition of the 1/8th scale figure from Kotobukiya!

See our wonderful Idolmaster figures featuring Iori Minase, Takane Shijou, and Chihaya Kisaragi who are all very kawaii. Preorder now!

From the epic anime Attack on Titan comes a very excellent figure of Mikasa Ackerman! Complete w/ Survey Corps uniform and 3D maneuver gear plus more!

And we have a huge update of KanColle products for preorder. See the official Kantai Collection Mouse Pads & Ribbon Magnets featuring your favorite battleship girls.

Today we posted lots of cute and sexy figures from Shining Blade to Evangelion to Super Sonico to High School DxD and more. Click to see them all.


A popular magazine in Japan for fans of busty women from all over the world, be they from America, Europe or Japan, this is Bachelor.

See some nice photobooks restocked today, including the delightful first offering of Chika Kitano, Nana Ozaki and more.

For people who fantasize about harems, check out this fantastic ero manga by Omina Tachibana about stories of boys suddenly gaining a harem.

We have a huge update of erotic doujinshi including this full color book by ero master NiseMIDIdoronokai featuring To Love-Ru Darkness, Infinite Stratos, and more.

Check out titles like You Are Mine, Secret Tsundere Girl, The Pretty Peach Hip, and Otome Saku, all restocked today.

Plus, we've got some wonderful artbooks including some beautiful artwork, with delicious girls in ecchi poses. Nii-shii's book is here too.

A life size silicon hips packaged together with an extra soft onahole, lubricant, and a stripe shimapan panty. Are you curious about this?

Bring your relationship with your favorite anime characters to the next level, with Chu2koi, Railgun and K-On! parody toys.

Various parody toys restocked, incl. Nibutani from Chu2koi, the Attack on Titan toys for guys and girls + more.

We've got tons of fun items for the bedroom too, for you or your partner. Goes well with our adult toys for a really special time.

A lot of J-List customers love the aesthetic genre known as futanari, literally "the two, being one." If you're a fan, here are some products to browse!

See a great game for hypnotism H-game fans, plus A Kiss for the Petals (the best yuri game series ever), Madou Koukaku, Underoid and more.

If you love hot East European girls, check out this great movie made by the Japanese crew from TMA.

The girls from MAXING in the hand of hamedori master Company Matsuo. A must see 4 hours special release fans don't want to miss.

Tsumugi Serizawa and Tomoka Sakurai play two hot coworkers in this hot new lesbian release by the Lady Lady label.

This shameless parody of wonder woman features the amazing Sumire Matsu, fighting the Yakuza and other criminals.


A huge restocking of DVD & Blu-ray titles, including the live-action version of Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi, Hitomi Tanaka's epic works including her 8 hour Blu-ray and J-Cup Soapland, The Tentacle DX Box, Kyonyu School Swimsuit 8 Hours, Otonyan and Newhalf, Risa Tsukino 16 Hours, Waap Best, and the Forbidden Lesbian Dormitory. Lots of fun!
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