Friday, October 11, 2013

Cool Products Friday, October 11, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate, Demon Queen Maoyu, Rei from Vividred Operation + more.

Take a look at our selection of hot-off-the-press artbooks, with tons of moe-tastic pieces from our favorite artists, plus a little Yuru Yuri thrown in for good luck.

We're loaded with outstanding 2014 anime calendars for your wall or desk. Click to see the new calendars we got in stock.

Other calendars capture Japan in unique ways, like bonsai photography or Japanese castles, or the art of Haruyo Morita.

Walk into Akihabara and you'll be sure to be greeted by tons of girls dressed in Maid Costumes passing out flyers to visit their Cafe.

Our customers keep buying up all our cool anime cosplay glasses, so we keep stocking more. Click to browse now.

We've got all the English-subtitled Yamato Blu-ray discs in stock, and have posted the final disc for preorder too.

This extra tall EVA&LOGOS dual brand tumbler will keep your coffee or tea hot all throughout the day. Great for camping too!

Here's a great new line of Pokemon plush toys from Nintendo and Takara Tomy. They're soft, huggable and you can turn them into a Pokeball!

Carry around your ID, commuter pass, or credit cards without getting damaged, thanks to Hello Kitty. Stylish and cute, what could be better?

There's great anime music waiting to be discovered on the iTunes Japan store, like the or the dreamy .

You never know what strange and wonderful products Japan will have for you official Rilakkuma condoms?

Craft your fun with this new edition of the Mousse-chan clay sweets shop, the most artful and inventive "paper clay" molds you will ever seen.

Great tools to help you learn Japanese, with text books, note books, pens, and official Kanji training booklets.

J-List carries the awesome clear umbrellas that can be found everywhere in Asia -- an ironic way to keep dry just like the Japanese do.

Our customers love our Japanese Kit Kat flavors, and we've posted some great new ones to the site as a preorder now.

Enjoy a great winter-limited Banana Koeda Chocolate treat from Morinaga plus the new Double Layer Pretz, yum!

How could you ever get bored of eating rice with traditional noritama furikake: Nori (seaweed) plus Tama (tamago means egg) = tasty nutrition!

Show off your fandom with these great new additions to the anime series Bakemonogatari while enjoying some special treats from Japan.

We've restocked the dagashi bento sampler, which lets you try snacks from Japan's Showa Period, plus our popular Kyoto Candy and more!

See a great update of our most wonderful bento boxes, including traditional designs. We also have the last stock of the Batman Stacking Bento Box.

And we also have cute Hello Kitty bento accessories, perfect for making your life fun and enjoyable. Check out our restocked bento items today.

Stock your kitchen with these great Japan-only items. From anime shapers to Sailor Moon soy sauce bottles and more.

Bring the fragrance and aroma of a Bamboo to your home with this wonderful oil based room fragrance diffuser. Great for displaying too.

Cool authentic omamori, a Shinto good luck charms. We've restocked several today, including our other lucky charm items too.

Why drink sake out of a boring cup when you could use an awesome traditional sake cup from J-List? Also see our sakebito shirt!

Here's a treat for fans of the hit anime series Sailor Moon! A six figure box set containing your favorite characters. Collect all 12 figures. Preorder fast.

So many great Sailor Moon items soon to be released! We're super excited about these, and are going to buy a few for the J-List office.

We love this cute reversible pouch featuring Luna and Artemis, along with all the other Sailor Moon stationery items we just got in.

For Sword Art Online (SAO) fans, here's a set of 4 delightfully cute accessories designed to fit into any standard earphone jack.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 fans are in for a treat. Check out these fantastic figures waiting to join your very awesome collection.

The hardworking and passionate Train Girls are back with two new kawaii Nendoroid figures by Good Smile Company. Check them out.

See the evil and naughty version of super ninja babe Narika from the popular hentai game and anime Beat Blades Haruka. With cast-offable top!

And check out these sizzling hot figures of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and Momiji the God of Misfortune from Binbougami ga! plus other great figures.


Amateur and debutantes gorgeous married Japanese wives fill the pages of this awesome adult magazine, coming with free panties and a 2 hour DVD!

Ayumi Kimino, one of the most popular AV idols of 2012 and 2013, often seen in adult magazines and in her own nude photobooks.

Yuki Shin releases his much awaited hentai manga compiling his best erotic stories into one book. Lots of super hot ecchi action!

A nice update of ero manga including Welcome to the Apartment of Everlasting Spring, Monster Musume Paradise + more.

JAV superstar Shiori Kamisaki collaborates with KMP for the release of this official Shiori Kamisaki Onahole, based on the actresses real body.

Experience the feeling of deep anal penetration with this new toy from Japan, the perfect toy for guys who want to try new things.

Japan is great at applying technology to private time, and we've restocked the A10 Cyclone, R-1 Starter Set and other toys by Rends.

One of the biggest hits of 2013 so far is the Cat Tail Anal Plug, which turns the wearer into a cat with a real tail! Restocked for you today.

This popular tool to help men last longer is back in stock, a great took to help guys who need a little extra sometimes. Also, popular personal lotion!

One of the most legendary "H" games ever is School Days, fully animated with 20+ endings for weeks of play, Have you played it yet?

The cyberpunk mecha action of BALDR continues in this hot new game with amazing work by Tsunashima Shirou.

Enjoy Artificial Academy, MusuMakeup, Girls Be Ambitious! and Tsujido-san no Virgin Road. Also the Custom Maid 3D game w/amazing USB controlled onahole.

Gorgeous Cocomi Naruse is the star of the amazing Blu-Ray, focused on hot hardcore fuck scenes with creampie finish.

The Deep's label finally packs some of its best gymnastic, dance and other flexible sex focused production into one nice best-of.

A nice offering for JAV fans, starring Sakurako Kaoru, a popular kyonyu AV star from the early 00's, 3 hours of hot action packed in this best-of.

If hot mature women humiliating other young inexperienced girls is your thing, then get this deep kiss, fluids and saliva focused production.


Finally, see a great new update of ecchi titles, including that bizarre Plush Toy "H" that grabbed our customers' imaginations, plus Flat Tits Twin Tail and Pretty Little Sisters (8 hours each), The Most Shameful Challenge in the World, Lesbian Hyper Best 8 Hours, Dynamite Tsubomi and Hitomi Kitagawa (16 hours each!), New Face Debut with Riona Kamijo, plus Kana Yuma as a Naughty Female Teacher and more.
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