Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari blu-ray

After jumping through several hoops, I finally managed to lay my paws on the US licensed Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari blu-ray box-sets (Therightstuf doesn't ship this outside of North America you see.) I surprise myself by popping in the Nise blu-ray over Bake and streaking straight to episode 2 - Nadeko and her Twister/Ou-sama games. While it's disturbing how anime enjoys imparting copious sensuality to their 14 yr old bishoujos (see also Asuka from Evangelion or Momo from To-Love-Ru Darkness), I can't help but relishing in Nadeko's (failed) seduction.

Onward, the creditless OP Platinum Disco was up next featuring another cute 14 year old. This catchy tune was listed as Random Curiosity's top OP for 2012 and is surely of deserving of the honor. Tsukihi herself ranks fairly highly in on my Bake-girls list (Mainly due to Nekomonogatari - Kuro) and I lament her short short arc in Nise.

Subsequently, I randomly sampled scenes in Nise and found that my love for Hachikuji was not misplaced. Her interaction with Araragi was not merely fun/entertaining but supremely enlightening when it came to understanding the character dynamics. I nodded furiously as Araragi declared how he is "dating Senjougahara, in love with Hanekawa but will marry Hachikuji". (I will add 'while keeping Nadeko as mistress )

Switching over to Bake blu-ray. I hit ep 11 first to see Nadeko do her sexy giggle with Araragi at the school gate, followed by what I deemed to be the finest declaration of love in anime-dom - Araragi and Senjougahara gone star gazing in ep 12. Concluding the whirlwind tour of the twin monogatari blu-rays was a feast of Nadeko in the credit-less Renai circulation OP. Man, the good folks at SHAFT really adore Nadeko.

If Monogatari 2nd season retains the sensual and wit of Bake/Nise, I'd be snagging the blu-ray faster than Hachikuji can say "kamimashita "
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