Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30-Day Anime Challenge, Day 16

This one really isn't even a contest. In all my years of watching anime and other animated shows, only once Have I ever been completely blown away by animation. Just straight up blown away. The animation in this show is so good, if nothing ever happened, ever, it would still be worth watching. Got it? Good. Because that show is


Yes, I know that it's really the Monogatari series, but I'm using Bake- because it was the first one.

Seriously, this show has godlike animation. Without a doubt the best I've ever seen. I've once said that one day we will be studying Bakemonogatari in universities as a testament to modern art and storytelling. Every little piece of art in this show is mind-bogglingly good. Not only that, most of what is going on has hidden symbolism. Intense conversation? Something's probably building in the background. A character is a little sad? Well they're gonna happen to look a little darker, even in broad daylight.

It's the little things that make SHAFT one of my favourite animation studios. It's not just that the necks of their characters seem to be unbreakable. They are fantastic at creating tension and don't shy away from adding depth to every scene. They even aren't afraid of sexualizing characters who, for all intents and purposes, shouldn't be.

Just this small clip makes me want to go watch it again for that awesome animation. Good work, and keep it up, SHAFT.
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