Friday, January 3, 2014

Summer '13

Quick Top 5 for two seasons ago:

#1. Monogatari Series Second Season

Reminds me of how much I loved Bakemonogatari and continues with the well written dialogue and letting you hang from your seat as you either try to figure out the story or watch it unfold before your eyes. Visually appealing as always with SHAFT and just had much more interest as opposed to Nisemonogatari. What a series, was really sad to see if finish, and boy, whoa what, what and ending! Can't wait to see more, apparently there's a Hanamonogatari in store with more Kanbaru who was hardly present in this series.

#2. Danganronpa

*Cue OP* OP so catchy. The normal original one; without the weird rapping and lyrics lawl. Kind of a given to be top 5 for me as I looked forward to this the most. Kirigiri Kyouko
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