Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Rankings

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. How did fall manage to suck so badly? I decided some of the shows weren't even worth the screencap.


(=) KYOUSOGIGA (episodes 8-10) - I will never be able to get over how stunning Kyousogiga's visuals are. These final few episodes were awesome and that last episode was beautiful. Kyousogiga wins at life. I hope there will be more anime like it in the future.

(+) BAKEMONOGATARI 2 (episodes 22-26) - Saving the best for last! Senjougahara's arc was awesome. She and Kaiki together make for some great viewing. Even Nadeko got considerably more tolerable when Kaiki was around. Maybe Kaiki should be the new protagonist and replace Ararararagi.

(-) KILL LA KILL (episodes 10-13) - As I feared, Kill la Kill has plateaued. Although it is still providing some good entertainment, I'm not getting as much out of the characters as I hoped. Thankfully the most recent episodes really launched the plot forward, which is something that hasn't really happened in a while. Mako continues to be the best character.

(+) SAMURAI FLAMENCO (episodes 9-12) - FLAMENGERS. I died. (I haven't even seen The Avengers from beginning to end yet.) There have been a lot of mixed reactions to this new direction Samurai Flamenco has been taking, but I for one am enjoying it very much.

(=) VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR (episodes 22-24) - Oh, Valvrave. What a bloodbath these last few episodes have been. A lot of the death flags were pretty blatantly foreshadowed, so none of the deaths were particularly surprising. As always, everything involving the high school students was the worst part, and I felt the finale was not as epic as it could've been. Oh well.


(=) GINGITSUNE (episodes 9-12) - One of the most consistent shows of the season, but still one of the safest. The only real thing I'll remember Gingitsune for is Gin himself. Why wasn't the show told from his perspective, goddammit?


(=) LITTLE BUSTERS: REFRAIN (episodes 9-13) - Okay, so I actually really liked what was going on with the visuals in episode these last few episodes. That's pretty much what kept my attention. But as usual with Little Busters! and Key adaptations in general, this entire thing has left me emotionally stagnant. It was better than the first season, though.

(=) ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL: ARS NOVA (episodes 9-12) - Pretty much everything about this was boring and forgettable. The thing I'll remember Arpeggio of Blue Steel most for is its unattractive style and animation and the harem made out of personified warships.

(=) KYOUKAI NO KANATA (episodes 10-13) - I had no idea what was happening. I can't tell whether it was due to the storytelling or if I just zoned out that much while watching. Plus that ending was complete and utter bullshit. Fuck you, KyoAni.

(-) DOKI DOKI! PRECURE (episodes 33-44) - So basically nothing of remote importance occurred until episode 39. Not even the upgrades were that good. I am so glad this thing is over soon. Unless Heartcatch! miraculously gets a sequel or something, I am done with PreCure once this is finished.

(=) WALKURE ROMANZE (episodes 9-13) - Not the worst of its genre. I feel like Walkure Romanze has a vague self-awareness as to how stupid it is.

(-) GALILEI DONNA (episodes 9-11) - Where to even begin with this thing? That time travel bullshit was fucking ridiculous. Who thought that that was a good idea? That trial in the last episode also kind of hurt to watch. If there's anything that I can say about Galilei Donna, is that it somehow managed to keep my attention. Can the sky pirates just get their own spinoff now?

(-) COPPELION (episodes 10-13) - Stupid. Fuckin' stupid. One of the worst shows of the year. I want to punch everyone involved with this anime in the face.GoHands, you truly do suck.

(=) INFINITE STRATOS 2 (episodes 10-12) - I still don't know why I watched this.

(=) BLAZBLUE: ALTER MEMORY (episodes 9-12) - I still don't know why I watched this.
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