Thursday, December 19, 2013

bakemonogatari/monogatari series

I got to say bakemonogatari was really good, and the sequels so far are fantastic. i think its going to dethrone TT as my favorite series.

very dialogue heavy but its kind of like grosse point blank, the witty dialogue is what makes it good. its near impossible to follow if u dont understand how the japanese language works of course, because nisio isin is heavy on puns and other word related jokes. he also references other manga and stories a lot, most of which i am unfamiliar with but its not that detrimental to the story.

the anime is a design student orgasm so its pretty and all that. the plot is very well thought out as he'll reference something and you dont really think much of it then he goes back and explains it later. everything ties together and usually in a brilliant way.

they need to release the movie prequel, kizumonogatari, already but i found at translation of the book. given i fucking hate reading the fact i would bother speaks volumes. i gotta say, the book is pretty solid. given its a prequel i already know how it ends and it still surprised me a few times. it was brilliant in a lot of ways and i'd say i actually enjoyed it .and that comes from the guy who says 'reading is for faggots'

i also love senjougahara. a direct, brutally blunt, witty, troll whose fully capable of handling herself. its like the perfect woman for me which brings us to a whole new level of fucking sad; that such things can only be found in fiction lol.

a friend watched part of it and didnt like it, so i guess its not for everyone; but something to check out for those who enjoy witty dialogue. figured it'd been awhile since i used this fucking blog like i originally intended so i should divert back to that however briefly lol.

P.S. should probably include the warning that the series is heavily laced with creepy japanese perversion. nisemonogatari in particular is so heavy on pedophilic and incestuous overtones as to be nearly unwatchable. it's in all the series, even kizumonogatari has like 2 pages dedicated to describing hanekawa's panties (seriously can we move on with the story now bro? we got it, u like womens underwear). I got past the hachikuji molestation jokes by reminding myself he's IS only joking; its just really dark humor. but nisemonogatari takes the creepy perversion to a whole 'nother level. as soon as araragi grabs a toothbrush just turn it off and go to the next episode you wont miss anything.
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