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Otaking 19

Bakemonogatari on crack!

NisemonogatariSpring 2012Episodes - 11Streamed on - CrunchyrollGenre - Mystery, Harem, Comedy, Occult

Talk about going in Turbo mode after the first season of one of my favorite anime series in Bakemonogatari. I actually read my review of the series and I'm quite disappointed at myself for not talking about it enough... Well, this time,I'm not holding back! Nisemonogatari gets to the point! The second time around, there's no more playing games. No introductions, no expositions, and no new characters; it's definitely not the sophomore slump we come to expect! It's Late Registration!

Before I divulge, I should tell the reader that this is a series that isn't easily recommendable. I can't think of anyone of the top of my head to recommend this to; it's literally for the initiated. I always, in Anime, try to find any regular (that's not the right word) or average person to introduce an Anime to and some shows comes to mind but this is not one of them. You really have to embrace the anime scene within Japan to truly understand or comprehend every small detail that is presented. Let's just say if you liked Oreimo, you would be open to watching this show. At the same time, much of the topics and the themes of this series is adult oriented so don't show this show about kids be shown to kids!

If you did not get a chance to read my review of Bakemonogatari, well, you should. Still, the synopsis is tied around the main character/protagonist/harem leader Koyomi Araragi. Through many occult events that happened from the earlier season, he came to find these eccentric girls that gravitates around him and his kindness. And the word 'eccentric' is not exaggerated enough. The art direction, the layouts, the themes, and the stories pushes these psychotic bunch of people in full effect. These characters that vary from their personalities is amazing to watch and as always, Kanbaru in all her pervertedness, is my favorite (although she gets only like, two episodes the whole show). Adding on to that subject matter, it seems like Mr. Araragi is even more invested in his hentai mischief this second go around.

A whole blog could honestly be dedicated to the art style of this show; it is truly a feat. Also, I have said the directing is the best in Bake but man, this series just confirms its success. Every background scene, or even frame for that matter is practically a masterpiece. A blend between graphic design and animation perhaps. The color contrasts and sudden cuts sets the tone for the show's dark moods and themes. Even this series itself is far different from Bakemonogatari in its color scheme, this time they go for the bright colors of youth in yellow, green, and light blue aesthetics. It's also void of Koyomi's parents or adults for that matter to truly focus on the circle of people and the fantasies of their own world. It can be quite engaging and strangely dream like at the same time.

So what about the the driving force of the story? The occult? There are two parts to this series and it usually center around a specific person confined within a specific curse.

Mysteries are definitely abundant in this circle of doubts, negativities, and personal values. The way each episode is handled is quite intriguing. The dialogue, first and foremost, is out of bounds. If you watched Bake and hoped that this show would ramp up the action from the first season, then you are unfortunately mistaken. The show is pretty much dialogue and world play with Koyomi exchanging words with another. All of this is almost playing out in real time; hardly any time skips are present. It's witty, at times confusing and convoluting, but that's a fault on my part because the conversations between these characters are quick and arresting that I'd need to rewind the subtitles again to fully understand. Every scene in the each episode is handled delicately, it focuses on small actions but big implications and adult like themes.

The only bad thing about the show that I have gripes about, and it's not even that bad, is the fact that almost every girl in the show looks exactly the same albeit their different hairstyles, height, and outfits. This is most apparent when they zoom in towards their females faces whenever they are making a statement to Koyomi. It's not something that annoys me, it's just when they zoom on Koyomi's little sisters and Mayoi it almost seems like they've aged quite a bit...Yea..that is all. Also, I'm not even going to talk about Episode 8 of this show, aka the infamous 'toothbrush' scene. That's for you to find out and don't blame me when you finish watching that episode. You dug yourself a hole and have only yourself to blame! Holy shiet.

Keep Those Dentures Clean!

PS. I talked about this in Oreimo but now that I have seen quite a few Anime shows, I can finally reiterate the 'sister' subject matter in the Japanese Animation scene. Since Oreimo was one of the first shows I see do it, I thought at the time that it was unique in its own story telling, a taboo perhaps... Well, now I know that I was wrong, because the popular 'little sister' complex is practically shown in a lot of Anime series that I have come to find out. I'm not going to lie and say it's a weird habit of doing within these shows but it is known to the norm of this culture so I guess it's going to stay weird like that. Besides, as one Anime show pointed out (I can't remember lol) , the little sister complex is only really fantasized by those who don't actually have a little sister.


So yeah. You know the deal! You know what's up! You know what this show offers! Whether you like it or not, it's up to you to decide but the artistry and the direction and themes that this show got going is impeccable and that is a fact. It's smoother and tighter than Bakemonogatari so get them eyes and ears ready, you're in for a roller coaster ride!

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