Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fuwa Fuwa Time!! Sengoku Nadeko appears!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Sengoku Nadeko is actually a character from the popular anime series Bakemonogatari, she was cursed by a certain somebody and had her body tangled by imaginary snake which torments her constantly as the story progresses. despite all that she is just one sweet character and when realized into an action figure, it ain't shabby at all~ although it took me sometime after it was released, so glad i finally bought her. so more nadeko after the break~

she comes with her default long shirt and jeans, plus her signature coat and hat

her signature coat makes her even moarrr sweet looking

now count up your sins? somehow makes me remember a certain bugman

as the 3rd figma i bought, it is very clear that i bought her because i really liked her character and appearance

add a little sexiness with bare thighs? yeah why not?

just like nendoroid, it turned out that figma is great for mix & match especially to add sexiness yeah!!

so the conclusion is that Figma Sengoku Nadeko is worth every penny i spent... it was such a great purchase

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over & out!!!
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